Pop-Up Projects Part III: The Odyssey Project

I’ve spent some time championing for pop-up projects in the classroom, referencing our “Odyssey Pop-Up Project” several times. Here are a few images of the final project. After students finished their illustrated, children’s pop-up version of The Odyssey, they read their book to K-2 students at our school.


If pictures can say a thousand words, these just begin to tell the story of all that my students learned in the process of preparing their books for these momentous readings. While working on the project, I saw my students:


1. Create a plan, execute that plan, and overcome obstacles they faced along the way.

2. Synthesize whole texts for a specific audience.


3. Experiment with angles and how they can affect the direction of a pop-up mechanism, experiencing the complexities of engineering and architecture in the process.

4. Set a vision and see it through to enactment by manipulating their environment. The paper becomes a symbol of using tools at their disposal to reach a goal.

5. Use critical thinking skills to anticipate the movement of pop-up mechanisms so that they function together in sync.

6. Make mistakes, figure out what went wrong then try again. (And sometimes, again.)

7. Become a role model and manage a group of younger students.

8. Develop public speaking skills through a read aloud exercise.

9. Experience how hard work and persistence reaps benefits down the road.

10. Learn without a textbook or test-prep resources.

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