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10 Teaching Ideas for 10 Literary Elements

Reading comprehension is a foundational skill students need to be successful in any class, especially English Language Arts. Yet, as students approach upper elementary grades and middle school, they must develop a new skill set when engaging with fiction texts. Beyond identifying story elements, students begin to think critically in different ways. They start to analyze literary devices, synthesize how author’s craft texts, consider the ways symbols and themes connect, examine how setting influences conflict, and even how point of view shapes the reader’s understanding of the text. It’s deep learning, and it requires thoughtful, special teaching. In short, it’s all hard work.


This shift in learning can be dramatic, for students and teachers! However, the teaching and learning that results from that shift can be amazing. It is amazing because entirely new worlds open to students as they explore the unique elements of the books they read. It’s never easy to take them there, but it is possible. To help, here are 10 teaching ideas for 10 lite