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A Meaningful World Water Day Project

On World Water Day, organizations and people across the globe bring attention to the pressing issues of water access, water consumption, and water management. Simply put, water is becoming scarcer, more people lack access to safe water, and the problem is only growing. The UN brings attention to this crisis through World Water Day. And you can do the same through a World Water Day Project. The World Water Day Project is an active, inter-disciplinary inquiry into the daily habits that they might take for granted but that can have a big impact on the environment. Over the span of several days and class periods, students can learn about their own water use habits. Certainly, an investigation worth having.


Part I | Water Survey & Water Tracking

Generate interest in the World Water Day Project by surveying students about their water use. Have them write down all the ways they use water in the day and how much they think they use. After they brainstorm a list of all the ways they use water, have them track their actual water use. Even after estimating the amount of water students consume and use during the day, they will be surprised to discover how much water is truly a part of their lives.


Part II | Water Rese