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Celebrate Earth Day with 4 National Parks Activities


Celebrate Earth Day with 4 National Parks Activities. A focus on National Parks will help make it easier to fathom just how vast and awesome our planet is and help students understand the importance of caring for it. With these 4 engaging National Parks activities, you can spark students’ curiosity and motivate them to make small changes to protect and preserve Earth’s beauty and majesty, just as forward-thinking minds did over 100 years ago.


1 | Create a National Parks Scrapbook

Guide students through a National Parks scrapbook project. Rather than just writing a paper, though, students will pack their bags for a knowledge adventure! Create a scrapbook that captures a park’s history, culture, and environment. Through the scrapbook, students learn about specific aspects of the National Park. Then, compile all the scrapbook pages from students or groups to create a comprehensive guide to America’s National Parks. Share the book to get students