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Embrace Change with NEW Novels

Change can be hard. Whether you have been in the classroom for years and are accustomed to your routine or are early in your career and just appreciate the things that work, the notion of change can be downright scary. In schools, though, change is a constant. In any year, every class is different than the one that came before it – different mix of personalities, different interests, different dynamic. Change is always happening around us; we just need to notice it. In that spirit, consider that it’s always the right time to experiment with your novel selection, especially since some learning is self-directed by students. Below are two simple changes you may want to consider as you embrace a year of change.


Embrace Change with NEW Novels | Out with the Old & In with the New

Have you taught [Insert Title Here] for over a decade? Could you recite chunks of its narrative without looking? Or know that one typo on that one page? Most importantly, do you feel uninspired and bored after all these years teaching it? If feelings of boredom are surfacing, it might be time for a break. This break doesn’t need to be permanent. Stepping back from a novel for just a year can be all you need to return to it with fresh eyes and teach